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The 10th anniversary of the creation of the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments was celebrated during its annual meeting held at the 2023 UCLG Retreat. This was an exceptional opportunity for the Taskforce’s members to acknowledge the progress made over the past decade, especially in strengthening their political representation in the international policy processes.

Established in 2013, the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments serves as a coordination and consultation mechanism for international networks of local governments. Over the past ten years, the Global Taskforce has played a critical role in amplifying the voices of local and regional governments on the global stage. This has been particularly evident in key policy areas such as the Sustainable Development Goals, climate change, and the New Urban Agenda.

The Global Taskforce’s efforts have changed how many international partners approach local and regional government associations and networks, which are globally recognised as a coordinated and unified voice group.

A Retrospective on Impact

1. Campaigned for the inclusion of a stand-alone goal on sustainable urbanisation in the 2030 Agenda, which resulted in the adoption of SDG11 on Sustainable Cities and Communities.

2. Introduced and promoted the concept of localisation of the Sustainable Development Goals, including guidance for implementation and monitoring, leading to increased localisation strategies worldwide.

3. Consolidated the World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments after its official recognition in the New Urban Agenda. The World Assembly will convene during the UN-Habitat Assembly in June 2023 and the United Nations General Assembly in September 2023.

4. Created the Local and Regional Governments Forum within the framework of the High-Level Political Forum, with a new edition scheduled in New York for July 2023.

5. Increased recognition of local and regional governments in Climate Change Agreements, particularly at the Conference of the Parties, showcasing the leadership of local and regional governments in addressing the urgent threat of climate change from bottom-up.

6. An ongoing structural dialogue about the inclusion of local governments which has contributed to the creation of the Advisory Committee on Sustainable Urbanisation by the President of the United Nations General Assembly in 2022 and to the agreement to set up a United Nations Secretary General’s Advisory Group on Local and Regional Governments.