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A strategic blueprint for the future

A Pact for the Future, the outcome of the UCLG World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders in Daejeon

The Pact for the Future is the key outcome document of the 2022 World Congress. It defines the strategic priorities for the organization 2022 to 2028. With the Pact, local and regional governments reaffirm that they are ready to join national and international partners in bringing meaningful change.

Local and regional governments have proven that they are ready to deliver real, tangible and constant actions over time, with individual citizens, households and communities playing an active and leading role. Globally, all local, regional, and national governments need to redouble their efforts in delivering their commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals, the 2030 Agenda, the Paris Agreement and the New Urban Agenda in line with human rights treaties. Progress and success will benefit not only today’s citizens, but also younger generations and the generations to come.

The Pact is a global initiative grounded in a hope for a better future. It demonstrates possibilities for other ways to develop and that, collectively, the resources, intellectual capacity, skills and desire for change are available in the necessary abundance.

Through this Pact for the Future, UCLG members and the organized constituency of local and regional governments emphasize their commitment to the power of collective action, empowerment, shared ownership, co-creation, and international cooperation and solidarity: the very cornerstones of harmonious and sustainable societies.

In their own words, for UCLG, the Pact is “consciously standing on the shoulders of those people who have built the movement over more than a century.” And it celebrates “the Power of We, to inspire our vision and deliver our commitments. The Power of We encapsulates both the desire and the method of the municipal movement to contribute to a better, safer, accessible, peaceful and more equal future through our collective voice and agency.”

UCLG members and their stakeholders aim to reaffirm “our common humanity”, and “reject greed, prejudice and division”, choosing “to place care at the heart” of the Pact for the Future. The three axes of the Pact (People, Planet, and Government) showcase care for the human rights of all people and care for the integrity of the planet.

The Challenges

People: Unfortunately, today, the word “people” is a synonym for inequality. But, it shouldn’t be like that. If all actors join forces the word “people” should be a synonym for equality, the elimination of poverty, inclusive and equitable political participation, universal access to services, accessibility, inclusion, dignity and decent work.

Planet: Unfortunately, today, the word “planet” is a synonym for climate emergency, environmental degradation, biodiversity depletion and overexploitation of natural resources. But, it shouldn’t be like that. If all actors join forces, the word “planet” should become a synonym for a new mode of consumption and production, protection of biodiversity, and net zero carbon systems, risk reduction and resilience.

Government: Unfortunately, in many regions of the world today, the word “government” is a synonym to a lack of inclusiveness in the governing systems, and the lack of trust between citizens and institutions. But, it shouldn’t be like that. If all actors join forces, the word “government” should become a synonym for democracy and open, constructive and sustained structural dialogue between parties.

The Three Pledges to Drive Transformation

The Pact for the Future for People places people at the centre, deepening the needs of current generations and expanding the rights of future ones by guaranteeing access to public services and the commons. As we acknowledge the impact of growing inequalities within and between cities, the Pact seeks to deliver fairness and intersectional justice for everyone and for every place.

The Future for Planet promotes systems and ways of living in harmony with our planet while building resilience and sustainability through policies that renature our production and consumption models will be crucial cornerstones of the Pact for the Future – and an endeavor that no actor nor level of government can achieve alone.

The Future for Government is founded upon the call of our communities who are increasingly pleading for the transformation of governing systems. We are in a once-in-a-generation opportunity to review and improve our tools to respond to the challenges we face, to ensure we drive a profound transformation of our societies and our systems.

These are extracts of the Pact for the Future.
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