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Welcome to the first edition of the Municipal Times, launched by the Urban Journalism Institute and OnCities2030 with United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). It is an honour to collaborate with UCLG during this historic time in the context of the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders and the UCLG World Congress being held in Daejeon, Republic of Korea.

The Municipal Times unifies two complementary goals: the core vision of UCLG to amplify the voices of the municipal movement, and the foundational mission of the Urban Journalism Institute to foster the thorough dissemination of information on sustainable urban development.  

Our world is facing unprecedented circumstances, and we have reached a critical point in understanding that cities can be the source of solutions to many of the world’s challenges, particularly in the context of the global development agendas and frameworks. However, in order for cities to achieve this potential, clear communication and attention needs to be focused on the decisions taken by regionals and local governments and their long-term impacts.

The Municipal Times is an innovative platform that aims to promote a deep, independent, and transversal understanding of the complex and rarely analyzed urban dynamics. Its first stage is providing coverage of key messages emerging from the 2022 World Summit. Other events will follow this pilot, building a legacy of resources drawn from well-documented urban events and meetings that leverage knowledge and action-oriented solutions. 

At this critical juncture in human history, the gathering in Daejeon is a landmark moment for the municipal movement, which will culminate in the approval of the Pact for the Future as the key outcome document. 

We hope that the Municipal Times will give voice to the “Power of We” that reverberates through the Summit, and that it might inspire urban decision-makers around the world.  

We would like to thank our contributors and invite you to join us in preparing upcoming issues. 


Ana B. Moreno
President of OnCities2030

Emilia Saiz
Secretary General of UCLG