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The Pact for the Future and Ecological transformation it brings


The Pact for the Future of Humanity session on the planet emphasized the need to transform our collective relationship with nature, and that local and regional governments must spearhead the development of a new vision for our common future. To reach this vision, we must address climate change, both from a mitigation and adaptation perspective, while re-examining our values ​​and co-creating systems for resilience.

Pledge of the UCLG Presidency on the Planet component of the Pact for the Future of Humanity 

During the Pact for the Future of Humanity plenary session focused on the “planet” pillar of the Pact, ...

UCLG General Assembly ends with agreement for the new collegial presidency

The UCLG General Assembly gathered yesterday to receive the reports from the Presidency, the priorities of the UCLG ...

Palmira wins the UCLG Peace Prize 

The city selected for the prize was Palmira, Colombia, for implementing a comprehensive approach to violence prevention that ...

“The United Nations is committed to supporting local leaders, to drive the transformative change the world needs.” Amina Mohamed, United Nations Deputy Secretary General

Unleashing the Power of Culture as a Pillar of Climate Action

The Town Hall on Culture and Climate, held on Thursday, 13 October, discussed the potential of culture to serve ...

The “Right to the City” as a Driving Principle for the Global Commons

One of the UCLG World Congress Town Hall sessions on 13 October was dedicated to the commons, more precisely ...

Climate action and resilience: Early action and investments saves lives
#CitiesAreListening, #Listen2Cities, #Local4Action

No conference involving aware leaders can take place in today’s times without acknowledging climate change. Considering that ...

How can the 2030 Agenda be localized in cities?

The Local4Action track at the UCLG World Congress looks at governance and accessibility. A key question is ...

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