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The Factory of the Future is once again setting its gears in motion, and as a result, we have more consolidated alliances and stronger partnerships. It has been two intense days of necessary debates because issues brought to the table, such as #peace, #migration, #care and #feminism, should never be silenced.

During the 2024 Retreat, X has been filled under the umbrella of #UCLGMeets, with initiatives, memorandums and messages reflecting our efforts to make our cities more just, inclusive and peaceful. The focus has been on critical global issues, from redefining care systems and participatory democracy to addressing human mobility. We do not doubt that this collaborative effort will create a transformative and sustainable future.

With the #Marketplace, we had the opportunity to connect. We have also shared our views on the topics we have discussed, what care means to each other and what would change if it were placed at the centre of local public action and urban life.

The role of local and regional governments is again being defended, and with good reason, because the “local governments act as the legs for a body. It will carry you to your final destination,” and we still have many goals to achieve.

In this section, we talk about the voices of those who are part of the UCLG family, voices that come from all over the world, so the last tweet we quote to close these last two days will be in French:

“Unies, nous sommes une force incroyable pour créer des villes plus justes et fortes”

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