Urban Journalism Institute

New narratives are required to translate information to citizens including variables which are complex and often not analysed. The UJ.I will support urban storytelling and participatory civic engagement efforts through the:

  • Production, management, and creation of tools about sustainable urban development and local communities.
  • Creative and integrated strategies on urban communications, including branding and digital media management to communicate and give visibility to urban programmes or local projects able to reach both journalists and general public.
  • Implementation of urban civic engagement and local communities’ empowerment policies for the activation of participation.

Data journalism

We are specially interested on city infographics and visual tools. A collaborative approach with several professionals working on visual tools would provide examples of better ways to inform.

Urban media tours

The UJ.I is offering the organization of urban tours (in-person and virtual) to visit neighbourhoods and projects to showcase interesting urban transformations and experiences by providing information and assistance to find in urban spots the point of view on big themes.

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