The UJ.I offers training and capacity building activities for journalists, communicators, and media officers on urban journalism. You could register to our specific academic programme or to our open workshops and webinars on urban communication and storytelling to learn about sustainable urban development, as well as to debate and share successful stories and experiences of urban coverage strategies and campaigns to inspire a change on how urban topics are presented and discussed in the public arena.

Urban Journalism for Cities 2030

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the New Urban Agenda are transformative frameworks to implement sustainable urban development in cities. What is the reality and how cities are considering these frameworks to plan their long-term sustainability? Which aspects should media be analysing to inform citizens about key urban dynamics? Which tools are available for journalists?

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Urban Journalism 101

Do you want to be a journalist covering sustainable urban development all over the world? Interested to understand the economic, social, environmental, and cultural urban issues which make cities sustainable? Join us in the first ever Urban Journalism 101.

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