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The renewed UCLG website, the Power of We, was launched on the first day of the organisation’s annual retreat on 20 February 2022. The main goal of the new portal is to strengthen the municipal movement and its collective action through resources, research, and advocacy efforts. It focuses on unfolding the Pact for the Future, the key outcome document of the 7th UCLG World Congress, which is defining the strategic priorities for the organisation from 2023 to 2028.

The Portal brings a narrative on the importance of how WE CARE for humanity and each other. It aims to engage the network and partners and to show their work and actions that make the Pact for the Future narrative come alive through a co-creation process. It is not just the work of UCLG as an institution, but the collective voice to multiply the individual voices and actions of the municipal movement.

Visit: powerofwe.uclg.org