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The first number of the Municipal Forecast was launched on Thursday, 23 February, within the framework of the UCLG 2023 Retreat. An initiative of the Urban Journalism Institute in collaboration with UCLG, the Municipal Forecast 2023 is a publication that presents a glimpse at the trends and important topics related to cities and territories in 2023.

Starting from the discussion about multilateralism and the upcoming major events where local government can show the ‘Power of We’ to the review of the local elections and women’s leadership, the report also covers specific topics, including urban resilience, climate change, accessibility and tourism, public transport, and housing.

Ana Moreno, President of OnCities2030 and Director of the Urban Journalism Institute, stressed that the Forecast “is a humble approach to analyzing global trends from the local perspective. There are a lot of local trends happening that we are not always aware of, and maybe we should start deeper conversations about these topics.”

The Municipal Forecast 2023 is available here: https://urbanjournalism.institute/forecast/