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After four days of buzzing activity, #BUS2023 has come to an end. Twitter has been flooded with posts of various kinds, ranging from suggested #urbanwalks through the neighbourhoods of Brussels to the valuable insights shared by attending members and organizations at this Urban Summit in the Belgian capital. 

The event featured award ceremonies, workshops, and debates, covering a diverse range of formats and topics that engaged the 600 cities represented at the congress. Discussions on climate change, digitalization, migration, housing accessibility, urban journalism, and human rights, among others, took place. However, the word “together” has perhaps been the most frequently mentioned, as the wave towards #sustainability and #equality unites us all, despite our different origins. 

Notable conclusions from the Executive Bureau of @uclg_org have been widely shared on Twitter. The bureau emphasized the importance of the #PactfortheFuture, which harks back to its inception in Daejeon. Though several months have passed since its approval, UCLG “remains committed to working for a renewed future, a future that builds bridges between communities and people, harmonizes our relationship with the world, and rebuilds trust with governments”. 

The Brussels Urban Summit has concluded, and we have already made our mark on this experience through online networks, whether as a space for reflection or a digital diary to capture memories. To quote some of the participants:  

“The best way to conclude #BUS_2023 is with a Field Trip, exploring how cultural players and the creative sector in #Ghent tackle urban challenges such as #migration, #diversity, and #sustainability during a musical boat trip.” / @LuisaFerPinto