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Caring Media for cities


During its first week, the Municipal Times has already witnessed a unique event taking place: the adoption of the Pact of the Future for Humanity by mayors and local leaders from around the world. Among its bold, courageous, feminist, ecological, inclusive, and collective commitments, the Pact also reaffirms “the importance of free media, freedom of expression, agency and critical thinking in ensuring well-informed and empowered citizens.”

The New Urban Agenda: An Accelerator for an Inter-urban Future


The session “The Future of the New Urban Agenda: Moving towards an Inter-Urban Future” took place on the last day of the World Congress, with discussions on the role  that the New Urban Agenda plays in the implementation of integrated and balanced territorial development. Representatives from local governments’ associations, academia, and mayors from cities of various sizes presented their perspectives on the paradigm shift proposed by the New Urban Agenda and how to advance the implementation of its inclusive, age-sensitive and gender-sensitive multilevel and multistakeholder approach. 

Local Democracy for Collective Responsibility


The transformation required to achieve the global agendas on sustainable urbanization, climate change, and sustainable development can only occur if development models respond to the actual needs and expectations of local communities. Often, there is a significant gap between global policies and the needs and experiences of municipal governments. Therefore, local democracy plays a key role in creating collective responsibility for global goals.

New UCLG Executive Bureau elected


The UCLG World Council gathered yesterday to decide on the strategic priorities of the organization for 2022-2028 and to adopt the Presidency’s Report for 2022, the Pact of the Future of Humanity, and the work plan for 2023.

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