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The Municipal Times is an online publication that brings news on the current state of cities to the audience aiming to inform urban leaders, city experts, practitioners, and public servants on transferable knowledge and actions in order to make cities part of the solution of our regional and global problems.

The World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders and World Congress kicks off in Daejeon
#CitiesAreListening, #Listen2Cities, #Local4Action

The World Summit is the largest gathering of mayors, presidents of associations, local elected officers, and practitioners from ...

A new partnership model for cities and civil society: The ‘Town Hall’ process
#CitiesAreListening, #Listen2Cities, #Local4Action

The Town Hall was one of the key processes leading to the 2019 United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) ...

UCLG Congress welcomes artificial intelligence to help participants get the most from sessions 

Three sessions of the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders will be analyzed using artificial intelligence for ...

Local authorities join efforts to engage media in cities’ sustainability

The "Media for Cities" campaign aims to increase media coverage of sustainable urban development.

Daejeon sets the stage for global impact

The central city of the Republic of Korea combines tradition and modernity, being considered the science and research ...

Local4Action: Innovative action-oriented solutions 

More than 35 Local4Action events will be held by UCLG and its partners, intergovernmental organizations, civil society, and ...