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Daejeon sets the stage for global impact

This week, the city of Daejeon is hosting the 7th World Congress of Local and Regional Governments with the aim to provide a renewed vision and leadership in times of unprecedent global challenges. 

Daejeon, with a population of 1.5 million residents, is the fifth-largest city of the Republic of Korea as well as a transit hub positioned at the crossroad of national rail routes and major expressways.

Located at the central region of the country and considered to be the cradle of the Republic of Korea’s innovative science sector, Daejeon is strongly committed to promoting science, technology, and innovation to foster sustainable cities. Not surprisingly, it is known as the “City of Science and Technology,” and hosts over 200 research institutions. 

Through the theme of “A city where no one is left behind through science and technology,” and in coordination with international partners, Daejeon will showcase best practices and urban solutions in 14 events. The events will cultivate discussions centered on four main themes: Science and Cities; People and Science; Environment and Science; and Administration and Science.

Science and Cities will explore the role of science and technology in the future of cities, and how to build global collaborations to promote urban sustainability; People and Science will focus on policies that can improve the quality of “individual life” at all life stages using science and technology; Environment and Science will examine ways in which science and technology can be developed and used to overcome various environmental risk factors; and Administration and Science will assess ways to expand the powers and strengthen the capacities of local governments to create sustainable and people-centered cities.

In addition to the official events, Daejeon will also offer visitors an extensive agenda of cultural events including city tours, a K-Pop concert, a World Citizen Festival and the Smart City Exhibition, among other experiences. On-site participants will also have the opportunity to visit the premises of several important Daejeon institutes which contribute Korea’s position as a global IT powerhouse.

In total, more than 30 events will be organized by the city of Daejeon and by its partners to enable participants to engage in local activities and to learn about the historical and cultural aspects of the city.