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UCLG Congress welcomes artificial intelligence to help participants get the most from sessions 

  • A pilot project will be implemented using an artificial intelligence tool in the Pact for the Future sessions 
  • The tool incorporates a smart search by concepts and speakers, as well as knowledge maps 

Three sessions of the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders will be analyzed using artificial intelligence for the first time. The pilot project, implemented by OnCities2030 in collaboration with UCLG, aims to facilitate access to information, as well as to identify the main narratives and those which may be omitted. 

The pilot project will focus on the content of the Pact for the Future sessions to be held on 12, 13 and 14 October 2022. The artificial intelligence tool allows navigation using a smart search inside video transcripts to get to the exact second where a key word, term, or sentence is mentioned by any of the speakers. It also creates knowledge maps, allowing users to explore the main topics discussed during the session, as well as to view connections between contents and speakers, highlighting the thematic focuses of speakers’ interventions. 

The tool will be available from 13 October on the Municipal Times homepage, where it will be open to any user that would like to explore its functionalities. 

This innovative project is possible thanks to the collaboration between OnCities2030, an organization specialized in disseminating knowledge and understanding of sustainable urban development, and the start-up Omnios, specialized in language processing using Winnow technology.

Any suggestions and comments on the tool are welcome and can be sent to municipaltimes@oncities.org.