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The 2023 UCLG Retreat has been structured around daily interactive spaces to engage with participants and to construct a common narrative together. Inspired by the Pact for the Future and the venue where the retreat is taking place, an old textile factory building, the workshops have been named as “Factory of the Future”.

The first day’s Future Envisioning Workshop aimed to identify skills, tools, and materials in several areas of work (“We Care Toolboxes”) using the main axis of the Power of We: We Care, and thus We Act, We Meet, We Advocate, We Listen, We Research, and We Learn.

On the second day, two workshops took place. In the morning, participants explored the impact of concrete actions and resources to improve the way the Pact is monitored, engaging through a World Café methodology. And in the afternoon, collective thinking exercises were put in place to reflect on the four enablers of the Pact for the Future: Commons, Finance, Trust and Governance Architecture.

Ten commandments to work in the Factory of the Future 

1. Everyone participates. 

2. Ensure that all the voices are heard. 

3. Be empathic and care about others. 

4. Embrace the past and think about what is possible to do in the future. 

5. Think about how to make a difference in the daily lives of citizens. 

6. Be bold and creative. 

7. Everyone sits together in the same space. 

8. Change tables and talk with as many people as possible. 

9. Try to avoid speaking only in UCLG jargon. 

10. Dance when there is music in the room.