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UCLG TV Showcasing Urban Challenges

Over the last days of the Congress, two short documentaries produced by UCLG have been viewed and discussed by participants. 

The first documentary, “From Risk to Resilience: the Case of Palu,” showcased the coordinated response by local and international actors after a natural disaster took place in 2018. The documentary was followed by a discussion, which included the Mayor of Palu, which delved into how the community, driven by solidarity, came together stronger to build resilience at the local level. The discussion also examined the context on how the local authorities led with decentralized cooperation efforts and engagement of partners from civil society.

The second short documentary, “From Inequality to Care-based Communities: The case of Bogotá,”showcased the city’s care systems and policies, highlighting the lessons and recommendations, guided by the values of the Feminist Municipal Movement, for other cities seeking to create people-centered policies.