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The Pact for the Future of Humanity has been adopted by the UCLG World Council during its gathering on 14 October 2022 at the 7th UCLG World Congress in Daejeon, Republic of Korea. Representatives from local and regional governments and stakeholders from around the world participated in the plenary consultations around the three key axes of the Pact: people, planet, and government.

The Pact for the Future of Humanity: Embracing Transformative Governance
#CitiesAreListening, #Local4Action

Through social movements and civil society, citizens are increasingly calling for governing systems to be more inclusive and ...

UCLG Presidency Pledge on the government component of the Pact for the Future of Humanity

During the Pact for the Future of Humanity plenary session focused on the “government” pillar of the Pact, ...

New UCLG Executive Bureau elected

The UCLG World Council gathered yesterday to decide on the strategic priorities of the organization for 2022-2028 and ...

Towards a New Social Contract: Rebuilding Trust in Local Government

Trust is essential to building healthy societies; however, recently citizens’ trust in government institution has been declining. In ...

Local Democracy for Collective Responsibility

The transformation required to achieve the global agendas on sustainable urbanization, climate change, and sustainable development can only ...

The New Urban Agenda: An Accelerator for an Inter-urban Future

The session “The Future of the New Urban Agenda: Moving towards an Inter-Urban Future” took place on the ...

Caring Media for cities

During its first week, the Municipal Times has already witnessed a unique event taking place: the adoption of ...

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