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Local and Regional Governments Seek to Accelerate Carbon Removal Efforts with Walk it Back project

On 14 October within the framework of the World Summit of Local and Regional Governments, UCLG signed a memorandum of understanding with Walk it Back, a fundraising effort focusing on supporting local and city projects that accelerate carbon removal efforts in energy, transport, industry, agriculture, oceans and buildings.

During the signing ceremony UCLG Secretary General Emilia Saiz and Walk it Back founder Craig Cohon recalled the need for action to transform our relationship with the planet, including through a drastic reduction of emissions and an economic transformation that reimagines how we produce and use energy and most commodities in order to build a more stable climate. The agreement will be a crucial lever to further develop the implementation and scale of the Planet axis of UCLG Pact for the Future.

As part of Walk it Back awareness and fundraising efforts, on 3 January 2023 Mr Cohon will set out on a carbon zero six-month journey walking up to 4500 km from London to Istanbul. With the support of UCLG, the campaign will focus on supporting local city projects that accelerate carbon removal efforts. The journey will include up to 7 million steps through 11 countries, walking 25 km per day with a total of 154 “daily” guest walkers intended to take thousands of tonnes of carbon out of the atmosphere.