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A vote for democracy

2024 marks a historic milestone as the “super election year”

Standing out as the largest ever recorded election year. Over 70 countries are gearing up for national or legislative elections, a remarkable feat that includes five of the world’s six largest democracies. This extraordinary event, not slated to be replicated until 2048, engages more than four billion people and is poised to significantly influence global politics in the years to come. The crucial question that persists is how the voting exercise will genuinely contribute to fostering increased democracy worldwide.

Africa will have the highest number of elections, most of which will occur in the second half of the year, with nearly a third of its countries voting, including Ghana, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal, and South Africa. Elections in Burkina Faso, Chad, and Mali, which faced coups in recent years, remain uncertain, contingent upon military councils fulfilling their promises of transitioning back to civilian rule. The outcome also hinges on a sober reflection of the conflict-ridden reality in the Sahel region.

Asian elections will have the most significant number of voters called, mainly scheduled in the second half of the year. India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh are all among the world’s most populated countries. Beyond these focal points, elections will unfurl in Azerbaijan, Iran, Mongolia, South Korea, and Pakistan.

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The elections to vote for the representatives of the European Parliament are scheduled to take place in all 27 EU countries from Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 june 2024. Approximately 400 million voters will exercise their right to vote. Following the elections, the European parliamentarians will elect the President of the Parliament and the new President of the European Commission. 

The United States presidential elections are scheduled for 5 November 2024, with presidential primaries underway to elect the Republican and Democratic candidates and the possibility of a Biden-Trump rematch. 

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